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Play wisely to win the online world

5ive Media Pte Ltd is a specialized and a royal company in their fields – web designing and development. They are situated in Singapore and offer their services across their globe. They are proud of the fact that they are ruling their industry by offering world class services to their customers and their group is growing because of their service day by day.

Services offered

The company offers their amenities in website designing – manual and cms built, web development – that includes responsive website pages, etc, search engine optimization – getting best clicks and top ranks for the website, search engine marketing – driving website traffic and fetching more customers to generate leads,  and above all providing round the clock support to their customers.

Their passion for their work shows in their outcome. The company is not only well known at website design but also expert at cms website development. Browse through their website to know the features offered by them.

Features of a website

Being the owner of a one and only design is very important to surpass the peers in that industry and marketing the business. Any customer or a person online will leaf through the website only when it’s creative and has something new to offer and deliver. Though the information remains the same, the way that it is put forward along with creativity and new techniques is something that attracts. Next comes the development where the website is developed and tested for top class responsiveness and functioning. Any website when returns the correct result is termed to be responsive whilst supporting the user interface. The website developed by expert at ecommerce website development has minute information to be taken care of which most of the people ignore and don’t pay much attention.

From the single click to a link till having the menu placed correctly as per the design and proposal and getting it working fine is all based on the development and working of a programmer. The programmer will then use his knowledge to better the website in terms of its functioning to ensure the best user interface look and feel. The next team is SEO. SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. Presumably, it is the only action that drives engagement to the website where a group of SEO experts work to gain more leads to the website and create traffic. Search engine marketing helps SEO in lead generation and enhancing analytics.

Why Long Tail Keywords Can Be Important To Any SEO Campaign

Long tail keywords are more specific types of keywords, because they include more information than a normal keyword. For example, a broad keyword might be “tree surgeon”, but a long tail keyword would be “tree surgeon Tonbridge, Kent.” This keyword is much more specific than the broad keyword.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why you should focus on long tail keywords. The reasons may surprise you.

1. Interested Customers

Long tail keywords might include specific queries or locations, thus showing that the customer has a more specialized interest in the niche. Let’s go back to our tree surgery example from above. The broad keyword “tree surgery” is very vague and searchers who are searching that might only want a definition or they might want to learn about tree surgery in general. Since it’s so broad, that keyword doesn’t show much interest in the customer wanting to avail of tree surgery services.

In comparison, let’s look at “tree surgeon Tonbridge, Kent.” This keyword pinpoints with precision accuracy the customer’s intent. From looking at this keyword, we know that the customer wants to hire a tree surgeon in Tonbridge, preferably. While this keyword may get very few searches per month, those searches are precise and accurate, and are much more profitable than broad keywords. If you have a business ranking for those keywords, that person will be more likely to buy your services.

2. Competition

Long tail keywords might get less searches each month, because they are so specific, but these are the keywords which are easier to rank for. It is virtually impossible for a small business to start ranking for very broad keywords such as “tree surgery” or “confectionery” or “candles”, because these keywords are already dominated by big name websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay. These websites have bulletproof SEO embedded within their online marketing, and so, it is impossible to get past them for such a broad keyword.

However, if you narrow down your keyword by turning it into a long tail keyword, such as “candle shop Kent” or “confectionery for birthday parties Kent”, the competition will decrease hugely.

This is because less websites have the exact long tail keyword “confectionery for birthday parties” embedded within their text. They might serve confectionery across the globe, but don’t specialize for birthday party catering or for Kent. That’s where your business comes in.

How Do I Rank For Long Tail Keywords?

You don’t need to write blog posts for certain long tail keywords specifically, but you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords which might be profitable for your business. Don’t let the amount of searches daze you, if they only get fifty searches a month. If you think about it, that’s fifty interested people each month looking for your business’s products or services. Even if you retain a few of them after the first purchase, that’s enough to really increase earnings.

You might be naturally ranking for certain long tail keywords without even knowing. If your website contains a lot of textual content such as paragraphs describing your services, location, and products, the Googlebot will automatically strat ranking you for certain keywords. You can build up your blog post numbers to start creating more textual content for the Googlebot to scan.

However, if you find that you’d like to rank for a certain long tail keyword, you can write a blog post specifically with that phrase embedded in the title and in the text.

In Conclusion
Many businesses ignore long tail keywords, because they think that these keywords won’t attract much searchers. However, the entire opposite will happen. By ranking for specific keywords, your website will attract highly interested customers who are much more likely to purchase your products or services.

Direct Submit SEO Services
Direct Submit are an established Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing company. With over 95% of our business coming direct from client referral, we provide a cost effective and highly efficient service.  We offer a client focussed service, and always speak to our clients in a language they understand, helping them understand the Internet and how a successful Internet Marketing Campaign can benefit their business.

Established over a decade ago and operating from the North East of the UK, Direct Submit have become one of the leading SEO and Internet Marketing providers in the North East and the UK. Our client retention rate is exceptional, currently over 80%, which shows our commitment to working with the client to make a project a success.

To speak to one of our Internet Marketing Consultants for advice on making your Web Marketing project a success, call us now on 0845 272 2350 or email us on We look forward to your call.

Using Social Media To Promote Business

Overtime social media has grown to be one of the most important marketing tools for any business which wants success, especially with the emergence of paid social media advertising. Various UK businesses have leveraged it to promote their business as well.

Benefits of using social media

Increases brand awareness: Social media provides exposure of your brand to people all over the world with just a click. By posting about your business on social media and that getting shared among million viewers increases the awareness of your brand.

Improved customer insight: Social media marketing will help you interact with potential customers and learn about their likes and dislikes. It allows the customers to provide feedback on products and services which can be utilized by you to improve your business services.

Increase website traffic and lead generation: Social medium helps you increase traffic reaching your business website, boosting the number of leads your business generates. This is because it allows you to widen your target market by promoting your business to only interested audience and widen your reach through social media shares and mentions.

Competitor analysis: Social media platform provides public information of your business competitors which you can avail to improve your marketing strategy to gain an edge over others. This analysis helps you to get a check of reality and competition in the market.

Ways to reap benefit from social media

By choosing the right social media management software you can send the audience your messages in a proper way and optimize your messages and also engage people with them. It helps in increasing effectiveness and visibility of your brand to reach more potential customers.

By hiring skilled social management staff to take care of your social management accounts and social platform, to provide best promotional campaigns and make strategies to optimize your social media marketing you can utilize social media at its best. Recruit the most talented staff for your business that suits your requirements the best. This shall help in promoting your business and increase the viewership of your brand.

For further details visit .

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video is enjoying a surge in popularity in the marketing industry right now, and with good reason. It’s much more dynamic than a simple print ad or email blast, and much more likely to get you the results you want. Here are some advantages that the medium offers to small businesses that you can help you determine what you want to emphasize when building your own video campaigns.

It Fits Neatly Into the Digital Age

You’ll never find a video in that outdated local newspaper that no one reads anymore. Video marketing is a tool of the modern era, and businesses that use it enjoy a certain level of perceived professional competency. They enjoy far better online exposure than businesses that stick to more traditional marketing channels, particularly in the red-hot social media sector (videos, especially short ones, are relatively undemanding, so people watch and share them frequently). Videos also very mobile-friendly if made properly, since they should use visual language and audio voice-over to convey information instead of text that may be hard to read on a small screen – since an increasing percentage of online browsing is done on mobile devices, this is extremely important. In this way, video lets you tap into the full potential of the market.

It Can Show Off The Product or Service in Unique Ways

A video lets your customers see your product in action and under real-world conditions. There’s a reason why unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of video on YouTube. People enjoy getting to see the whole product and how it can be used. They can gauge important things like the true size of the product, how smoothly and easily it operates, and the quality of the materials used to make it. With video marketing, you get these same benefits, but you also get more control over the presentation, letting you highlight the product’s positive points and downplay its negatives.

If you’re a service-based business, things are a little different, but video can still be helpful to you. Your product is your work or that of your associates, and your video can demonstrate the quality of the work and give your customers a more personal look at the professionals they are dealing with. All of these things are hard to do with most other marketing techniques, but marketing video excels at them.

It Doesn’t Cost Much, But Brings Excellent Returns

As a small business, you’re probably a pretty price-conscious organization. Making promotional video might sound like something that would be out of your price range, but that probably isn’t the case. Marketing videos don’t necessarily need elaborate equipment or a ton of expensive production time to make it worthwhile. Technology has come such a long way that you can often get the kind of crystal-clear footing with attractive editing and finishing touches needed for a great video for relatively little money. As always, more money does tend to result in a better final product, but in this case, the lower-end option can bring such a big boost to your sales and professional image that there’s no need to splurge if you can’t afford it. Even a small investment can get the many benefits of video marketing working for your business.

Importance Of Hiring The Personal Injury Lawyers

Most of the people are facing accidents because of other’s mistake. One of the most crucial moments in life is the unexpected accidents. No one can tell when they meet an accident. Most of the people are trying to safe on their each and every move but because of some others negligence they are facing the pain and suffering. Most of the people are meeting the road accidents even if they drive safely the opponent driver may drive the car carelessly or they may text some message or drunk and drive. The law is very strict and it will help the victim who are suffering the pain and problems because of others mistake.

Compensation is main thing in the accidents case because we could not tell what will happen in the accident case. Some time the victim may injure severely and they need to take treatment for long time. But in some case only scratches will happen to them and no need to worry. But many will have both emotional and physical shock and they take some time to recover from the shock.

Consult The Lawyer

Most of the people do not know what to do after an accident. It is better for them to consult a personal injury lawyer after an accident.  KRW San Antonio Injury Lawyers are ready to give the free consultation. They listen the entire story behind the accidents and give suggestion to the person whether they need to approach court or they can settle the case out of the court. The suggestion is more important for the victim because they can make decision after their future move. In most of the case they need to pay high medical bills and some people may lose their job. They will meet bad financial situation, so this compensation amount will be more useful for them to settle their medical bills and take care of their family. The lawyers will submit all the necessary documents and evidence in the court and they will get the deserve compensation amount for their clients. They will never charge fees until they win the case.

Check for the famous chatting applications

If we talk about what a mobile application is then definitely a mobile app is the type of the software that is actually designed to run on the mobile phones. Not all the applications are mobile friendly but definitely if we check for the operating system then there are so many applications that are difficult to count.  Well different operating system do have different types of application that supports on that operating system like for example android, blackberry, ios each and every operating system has its own application.  Now if we talk about the chatting app then in today’s time there are varied numbers of apps that provide with different feature. In this article we will be actually discussing the most famous applications that are being made available on the operating system-

  • Badoo

It has the best ratings because of the feature that it provides. You can connect to all your near and dear ones. People you have met in a coffee shop, or many public places, you can connect to all of them.  Well you can connect with people you have actually bumped into real life. Yes this is the most fascinating thing about this application

  • Line

Well this application is famous because of the avatar feature that it provides. Line play allows you to make your own avatar. All you need to do is join with any of the social media site and you will meet new friends. Not only this, you will also get to meet hot celebrities and famous people.

  • Azar

It helps you to connect to people with just one swipe. It provides withy feature of facial recognition.  It helps you to discover new friends as well. It is very much easy to use.

  • video chat rooms

It provides you with multi feature. You can chat with many people at one time. It is very much easy to register and login as well. You can easily create your account.

So we have discussed few famous apps that have got the best rating. Like this there are many more and you can try it and enjoy the modification in your way of chatting

Benefits Of Choosing San Antonio Accident Firm

When you are injured by a truck driver in a San Antonio motorcycle accident, you are left to think about some important questions. Trucking accidents are far too common in San Antonio, and driver fatigue and many other forms of negligence can cause injury to innocent drivers when they least expect it. Commercial trucking accidents can happen to anyone in San Antonio but when it happens to you or a loved one it can be devastating. Many truck accidents are due to negligence, either on the part of the driver or the company that employs them. You need a qualified lawyer because trucking companies have a team of professional litigators working on their side. The San Antonio lawyers will handle every detail of your case, even dealing with the insurance and trucking companies. If you suffered serious injury in your truck accident, your financial solvency and future health may be at risk. The KRW San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyers are ready to help you. Commercial trucking companies have scores of lawyers ready to fight for their interests. This is why it is vital that you have a Lawyer protecting your interests against the unscrupulous business practices of these large companies.

When you talk to one of KRW’s experienced lawyers, they will review the details of your accident to ascertain whether compensation is possible. The value of your settlement may well determine whether you are able to get a fresh start in life, especially if your injuries are severe.  Truck accident injuries are often life-threatening, and these collisions are more prevalent than many people realize. Trucking companies know that once a settlement with the victim is reached, they have little recourse at a future date if they discover their injuries are more severe than they realized. In this way, they minimize their liability at the accident victim’s expense. Your San Antonio truck accident lawyer from KRW will protect your interests from trucking companies and insurance companies alike. They will deal with the trucking company and insurance companies so that you can focus on healing while they pursue a fair settlement. Even if a trucking company does everything properly, their drivers may act negligently on their own.

How SEO Agency Sydney Is Operating And Demanding For Better Business?

The old method of marketing is getting replaced by the new methodology of approach. In older method, people need to spend more amounts of marketing and advertisement. In such situations, high profiled person or companies only able to do this kind of activities for their promotions. After internet era came into existence, method of approach has been changed. Australia SEO helps a simple company to grew in market and able to attract customers from all over the world. Now, website has become a must option to promote their business to the outer world. In the same website, they are listing out their products and services. Customers can be increased if the company is standing unique in the market. However, that is not possible in the current year.

Competing With Competitors And Its Methods:

There are more number of competitors are approaching from all over the globe. They are making use of the new technologies and techniques and promoting their business. In order to stand with other competitors, it has become a compulsorily for the companies to do search engine optimization techniques along with the website design. It makes people to refine their search results when they see it any search engine. In this process, keyword in the web domain is highlighted and make available in the highest level in search page. From people mentality of approach, people would provide first preference to the highest rank holding website only. SEO Agency Sydney  is making the profile of business in a better way. Some of the features that are gained by this type of game and they are bringing visibility and branding feature for the company. It enables to earn business credibility and make people to understand only relevant information is extracted from search engine.

Features On Using Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization approach increases business traffic and eventually creates a good impact in the minds of people. This approach is categories as return on investment and makes people to invest money without any harm. Australia SEO Experts help in making more number of customers at the same time. It reduces and avoids any duplicate pages or content is being appeared in the internet with the help of unique content.

Is Post Marketing A New Way For Web marketing

Individuals typically ask if short article marketing is a new way to do web marketing, however that is not precisely how things work. Article marketing is just one element of internet marketing, and is not implied to be a total replacement. Article marketing is only indicated to be one element of a whole service, as online marketing is meant to be a complete service implementing numerous different kinds of marketing instead of one single type of marketing.

To puts it simply, if you want to create an efficient technique for web marketing to make money through your website, affiliate marketing or ad revenue, then one of the forms of marketing that you need to execute in your system is article marketing. No single type of online marketing is going to own results, so executing numerous marketing strategies is the very best method to draw in visitors, and income, to your website. Post marketing is a powerful addition to any internet marketing plan, due to the fact that it is entirely totally free to get into and can drive some seriously effective results in the procedure.

Short article marketing is a distinct type of online marketing that makes marketing your site more effective and efficient through using helpful, valuable keyword owned material. If you are severe about marketing your website and owning new visitors to your website, post marketing is a very useful method to get it done. Article marketing includes composing important and informative short articles connecting to your specific niche or keywords, and posting them on public submission websites where other sites can select them up, online search engine spiders can discover them, and hoards of brand-new traffic can read them and follow valuable connect to your website.

Post marketing is a simpler type of web marketing, and it is likewise one of very few totally free ways to make cash and produce traffic to your website. Once you send short articles to short article submission and post directory site websites, individuals will begin to access your website from the links that you put in the resource box or signature part of each article. Article marketing is an excellent way for you to establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject, and once people begin to concern you as an authority, they will be a lot more willing to follow your links and travel to your site to learn more.

If you are trying to find a powerful method to jump begin your internet marketing campaign, then article marketing can be a powerful tool in your toolbox that will drive outcomes and offer you the traffic, income, opt-in register and other important activity that your website needs in order to prosper. Every site can gain from internet marketing, and one of the best ways to obtain a web marketing campaign going in a favorable manner in which drives outcomes is to execute cot efficient short article marketing as a way of structure authority, developing one way links and owning traffic in to your site from various sources all over the internet.

Social Media Marketing is Making Competition an Even Field for Small Businesses

Years ago, small businesses find it extra challenging keeping up with the big brands especially in terms of marketing.

Fortunately, the introduction of social media marketing has changed all that.

Nowadays, even with limited marketing budget and manpower, small businesses already have a fighting chance, thanks to social media marketing.

If you are a small business who would like to try social media marketing, below are some smart ideas to get your marketing efforts off to a superb start:

Consider sharing curated content

Content curation is crucial if your immediate goals include growing your following and staying relevant.

For those who are not familiar with the concept, content curation is the process of finding interesting, beneficial, and high-quality content from the web and sharing them on your social media channels.

However, contents you should look for and share should be produced by those who are considered industry influencers and leaders and it should stand out in terms of usefulness and quality.

Why content curation?

Below are some of the benefits of content curation you can’t afford to miss out on:

It will give people the impression you are willing to help.

Sharing content from other industries will show people that you have a thorough understanding of your industry and that you are willing to go the extra mile to help educate your audience.

Personalize your shared content by adding in your own two cents on the topic when sharing it.

It will help establish your reputation as an authority in your industry

While there are several ways you can establish your authority, sharing insightful, interesting, and high quality content is considered one of the most effective.

It is also recommended that you share curated content that is riveting so your audience will be enticed to share it.

It can boost your SEO efforts

If you want to give your social media profile or website a boost, sharing helpful and interesting content can do wonders.

Even if the content is just shared, when it is compelling, it will show that your primary focus is on providing quality content for your audience.

It can help increase your social media following

Curating content can do more than just fill the gaps of your content calendar.

More than anything, it can also significantly increase your social media following.

Whenever your existing followers and fans comments, likes, and shares your content, it will also expand your social media reach.

Pick superb images to go with your content

A little trivia: humans can process visuals at least 60,000 times faster than text.

If you want to use that insight to work for your online marketing campaign, you can do so by making sure you pick exceptional images that will surely captivate your audience’s attention.

You can also use images to help educate them and make the information you are sharing way easier for them to digest.

The amazing thing is, sharing awesome images won’t cost you anything.

Nowadays, there are a lot of free images you can use without having to pay a single cent.

You just have to know where to look.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources you can check out if you want to find stock images that will not cost you anything.

Create impressive and valuable content

As a general rule of thumb, your social media marketing strategy should be a balance between content you curate and content that you create yourself.

While the latter will entail both time and effort, when done right, it can dramatically increase site traffic and establish your reputation in the industry.

At all times, ensure every content you create gives something of value to the readers so they will keep coming back for more.

Also, when you provide exceptional and high quality content, people would become more confident about patronizing what you have to offer because of the value you deliver.

Other noteworthy benefits of providing first-rate content include:

  • Your readers are more likely to share your content to their own connections, dramatically increasing your reach in the process.
  • It will help establish your reputation as a trusted authority and an expert in your field.
  • Quality content you share can help boost your SEO rankings.
  • Impressive content might also entice social media influencers to share your content and recommend your brand to their own followers.

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