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Why Long Tail Keywords Can Be Important To Any SEO Campaign

Long tail keywords are more specific types of keywords, because they include more information than a normal keyword. For example, a broad keyword might be “tree surgeon”, but a long tail keyword would be “tree surgeon Tonbridge, Kent.” This keyword is much more specific than the broad keyword.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why you should focus on long tail keywords. The reasons may surprise you.

1. Interested Customers

Long tail keywords might include specific queries or locations, thus showing that the customer has a more specialized interest in the niche. Let’s go back to our tree surgery example from above. The broad keyword “tree surgery” is very vague and searchers who are searching that might only want a definition or they might want to learn about tree surgery in general. Since it’s so broad, that keyword doesn’t show much interest in the customer wanting to avail of tree surgery services.

In comparison, let’s look at “tree surgeon Tonbridge, Kent.” This keyword pinpoints with precision accuracy the customer’s intent. From looking at this keyword, we know that the customer wants to hire a tree surgeon in Tonbridge, preferably. While this keyword may get very few searches per month, those searches are precise and accurate, and are much more profitable than broad keywords. If you have a business ranking for those keywords, that person will be more likely to buy your services.

2. Competition

Long tail keywords might get less searches each month, because they are so specific, but these are the keywords which are easier to rank for. It is virtually impossible for a small business to start ranking for very broad keywords such as “tree surgery” or “confectionery” or “candles”, because these keywords are already dominated by big name websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay. These websites have bulletproof SEO embedded within their online marketing, and so, it is impossible to get past them for such a broad keyword.

However, if you narrow down your keyword by turning it into a long tail keyword, such as “candle shop Kent” or “confectionery for birthday parties Kent”, the competition will decrease hugely.

This is because less websites have the exact long tail keyword “confectionery for birthday parties” embedded within their text. They might serve confectionery across the globe, but don’t specialize for birthday party catering or for Kent. That’s where your business comes in.

How Do I Rank For Long Tail Keywords?

You don’t need to write blog posts for certain long tail keywords specifically, but you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords which might be profitable for your business. Don’t let the amount of searches daze you, if they only get fifty searches a month. If you think about it, that’s fifty interested people each month looking for your business’s products or services. Even if you retain a few of them after the first purchase, that’s enough to really increase earnings.

You might be naturally ranking for certain long tail keywords without even knowing. If your website contains a lot of textual content such as paragraphs describing your services, location, and products, the Googlebot will automatically strat ranking you for certain keywords. You can build up your blog post numbers to start creating more textual content for the Googlebot to scan.

However, if you find that you’d like to rank for a certain long tail keyword, you can write a blog post specifically with that phrase embedded in the title and in the text.

In Conclusion
Many businesses ignore long tail keywords, because they think that these keywords won’t attract much searchers. However, the entire opposite will happen. By ranking for specific keywords, your website will attract highly interested customers who are much more likely to purchase your products or services.

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Using Social Media To Promote Business

Overtime social media has grown to be one of the most important marketing tools for any business which wants success, especially with the emergence of paid social media advertising. Various UK businesses have leveraged it to promote their business as well.

Benefits of using social media

Increases brand awareness: Social media provides exposure of your brand to people all over the world with just a click. By posting about your business on social media and that getting shared among million viewers increases the awareness of your brand.

Improved customer insight: Social media marketing will help you interact with potential customers and learn about their likes and dislikes. It allows the customers to provide feedback on products and services which can be utilized by you to improve your business services.

Increase website traffic and lead generation: Social medium helps you increase traffic reaching your business website, boosting the number of leads your business generates. This is because it allows you to widen your target market by promoting your business to only interested audience and widen your reach through social media shares and mentions.

Competitor analysis: Social media platform provides public information of your business competitors which you can avail to improve your marketing strategy to gain an edge over others. This analysis helps you to get a check of reality and competition in the market.

Ways to reap benefit from social media

By choosing the right social media management software you can send the audience your messages in a proper way and optimize your messages and also engage people with them. It helps in increasing effectiveness and visibility of your brand to reach more potential customers.

By hiring skilled social management staff to take care of your social management accounts and social platform, to provide best promotional campaigns and make strategies to optimize your social media marketing you can utilize social media at its best. Recruit the most talented staff for your business that suits your requirements the best. This shall help in promoting your business and increase the viewership of your brand.

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Create a Sales and Marketing Plan for Your Agency

The present economic situations for protection are somewhat uncertain. It appears that the “delicate market” is at the end of its usefulness, yet the instability of political changes and issues like form, asbestos and psychological oppression make it hard to speculate long haul patterns. Things being what they are, what can the run of the mill autonomous protection specialist and agent do with a specific end goal to succeed? What are the essential fixings to an elegantly composed deals and showcasing arrangement?


Know Thyself


The best beginning stage is to first characterize the protection organization’s “identity.” The “identity” of an office is the book of business and it will thus characterize what to search for from the different markets and the choice of new markets to speak to. For instance, an extensive urban office that offers just vast ad agencies in Mumbaibusiness records will have distinctive desires than a residential area office that offers all lines of protection.


Begin by discovering what the split of business is along each line: individual, business, life, aggregate advantages and program business, and so forth. At that point compute the normal size of record for each line. Additionally, what amount of the organization business originates from the main ten records? At long last, investigate the dispersion of business and recognize the main five enterprises.


List the breakdown of the present book of business by line of business, main ten records and key enterprises. Compute the present rate of the general book for that line of business. Is the blend of business sound for the organization? This is an informed decision for the proprietors. Specialty offering is normally more beneficial, be that as it may, it is additionally more hazardous. On the off chance that the office has a considerable measure of little records, the techniques set up for offering and overhauling them are basic with a specific end goal to make a benefit.


It is vital to separation oneself from the book of business and dispassionately ask the question “is this book sufficiently significant the way it is or ought to its organization be changed?” If it should be changed, what ought to the office target? This relies on upon the ability of the makers and administration staff, and in addition the hunger of the company’s present markets. Record those future focuses alongside the present creation. This point of view is the thing that isolates the business person from the normal individual.


The amount Can You Grow?


It is critical to survey Digital marketing training in Navi Mumbaithe new deals for the organization general and for every maker. An accomplished maker in a common office ought to create in any event $30,000 to $50,000 in new commission dollars every year, contingent upon their size of book. For extensive firms with expansive records, the sum would be significantly higher, perhaps $100,000 in new commissions.


The hit proportion of every maker should be resolved. Hit proportions under 25% to 33% costs the office a great deal of time and cash. The system of makers with low hit proportions should be checked and balanced. Regularly, the maker neglects to pre-qualify the prospect. Once in a while makers simply are not moving toward organizations that coordinate with the items the office has ability in composing, nor markets that are focused for those classes of business. Utilize the effective makers as a model.


The office may have enormous deals, be that as it may if there is loss of business through steady loss, a significant part of the exertion for new deals is squandered. Compute the wearing down rate for the office and every maker. The objective ought to be around 10% or less steady loss for the commonplace property/setback protection office. Higher whittling down rates are generally a sign that the business the organization composes is transient and either the customers are value shopping or not great dangers.


When composing a deals and showcasing arrangement, list the present general hit proportion, normal new business delivered and the normal book of business in the office. Compose by those numbers the objective for one year from now. Beneath that rundown compose a few activities that should be proficient to achieve those objectives.

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video is enjoying a surge in popularity in the marketing industry right now, and with good reason. It’s much more dynamic than a simple print ad or email blast, and much more likely to get you the results you want. Here are some advantages that the medium offers to small businesses that you can help you determine what you want to emphasize when building your own video campaigns.

It Fits Neatly Into the Digital Age

You’ll never find a video in that outdated local newspaper that no one reads anymore. Video marketing is a tool of the modern era, and businesses that use it enjoy a certain level of perceived professional competency. They enjoy far better online exposure than businesses that stick to more traditional marketing channels, particularly in the red-hot social media sector (videos, especially short ones, are relatively undemanding, so people watch and share them frequently). Videos also very mobile-friendly if made properly, since they should use visual language and audio voice-over to convey information instead of text that may be hard to read on a small screen – since an increasing percentage of online browsing is done on mobile devices, this is extremely important. In this way, video lets you tap into the full potential of the market.

It Can Show Off The Product or Service in Unique Ways

A video lets your customers see your product in action and under real-world conditions. There’s a reason why unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of video on YouTube. People enjoy getting to see the whole product and how it can be used. They can gauge important things like the true size of the product, how smoothly and easily it operates, and the quality of the materials used to make it. With video marketing, you get these same benefits, but you also get more control over the presentation, letting you highlight the product’s positive points and downplay its negatives.

If you’re a service-based business, things are a little different, but video can still be helpful to you. Your product is your work or that of your associates, and your video can demonstrate the quality of the work and give your customers a more personal look at the professionals they are dealing with. All of these things are hard to do with most other marketing techniques, but marketing video excels at them.

It Doesn’t Cost Much, But Brings Excellent Returns

As a small business, you’re probably a pretty price-conscious organization. Making promotional video might sound like something that would be out of your price range, but that probably isn’t the case. Marketing videos don’t necessarily need elaborate equipment or a ton of expensive production time to make it worthwhile. Technology has come such a long way that you can often get the kind of crystal-clear footing with attractive editing and finishing touches needed for a great video for relatively little money. As always, more money does tend to result in a better final product, but in this case, the lower-end option can bring such a big boost to your sales and professional image that there’s no need to splurge if you can’t afford it. Even a small investment can get the many benefits of video marketing working for your business.